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New York Real Estate Attorney/ Russian speaking New York lawyer

Real estate transactions in New York City certainly require complex analysis and smart negotiation tactics. To ensure that your future sale or purchase is protected, you should definitely find a good Russian speaking New York lawyer specializing in the real estate law and who knows what tactics are good for you.

Purchase or sale of real estate involves a particularly long set of steps you and your attorney must take before its completion. Any misstep during any step can breach contractual obligations of the other side thus leaving you without a result you wish.  Making or accepting an offer, signing a contract that is right for you, obtaining a mortgage, making sure the property is in a condition you want it to be… All of these steps can cause massive headaches. Your goal is to find a good New York real estate attorney who will guide you throughout the process. You need to find a New York real estate attorney who will make sure that your concerns are answered in order to prevent the stress real estate transactions can cause.  

At Law Office of Aziz Dzhuraev, Russian speaking New York lawyer, above all, we have the experience needed to tackle complex issues that may arise during a real estate transaction. Therefore, please contact us today to get the experience you deserve.

New York Family Lawyer

Dealing with legal family issues such as divorce, child support, or alimony can be nerve-wracking and stressful. At the same time, you owe yourself and/or your child a duty to ensure your bright future.

The truth of a matter is that dealing with New York family courts can be burdensome due to a complex set of legal issues involved. A good New York family lawyer will first of all fight for your future to get the most out of your dispute.

At Law Office of Aziz Dzhuraev, Russian speaking New York lawyer, we are especially dedicated to serving our client’s best interests both in family court and when negotiating with an opposing counsel. Most importantly, we are concerned about your success because your success means our success.

Personal Injury and Litigation attorney

Personal injury matters and litigation issues require complex analysis and a creative tackling of the case. You must approach each dispute on a case by case basis. At Law Firm of Aziz Dzhuraev, we widely handle a variety of personal injury matters and represent victims in:

Car, bus, bicycle or motorcycle accidents; construction accidents; slip and fall accidents; unsafe workplace accidents; negligence; or wrongful death actions, as well as other types of injury cases.

We never neglect our clients’ rights to stay informed about the progress made in their case. Throughout the process, we will keep you updated about the developments in your case and answer your questions diligently.