In contrast to uncontested divorces, numerous issues arise in the contested divorce proceedings. Usually, child custody issues, alimony, real estate produce many questions.

A contested divorce is a divorce in which one or both parties appealed to the court. Parties request the court to intervene in the economic and other essential aspects of the divorce. These aspects are a division of marital property (equitable distribution in New York), temporary and permanent maintenance (alimony), child custody and child support.

Importantly, a contested divorce is usually a long and complicated process. Both parties are having to disclose financial and property assets.

Apart from this, the court has to determine which property is subject to distribution and then dividing them between the two parties. In addition, the court has to resolve issues such as child custody and child support. In a contested divorce, the court intervenes in the economic and ancillary affairs before granting a judgment of divorce.

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