Litigation and Alternative Resolution

Litigation attorney from the Law Office of Aziz Juraev represents clients in civil lawsuits. We help our client and manage all steps of the litigation process, including the pre-trial, trial, and appeal processes.

If you are to be involved in a court trial or litigation, you need to know some critical points of the trial.

Litigation is the process of resolving conflicts using the judicial system. It includes the whole range of actions and procedures necessary for making a court decision from drafting and filing a lawsuit, participating in judicial debates during court proceedings, and filing an appeal. The trial is regulated by many laws and is a complex chain of interaction between the parties involved in disputes.

A lawsuit usually takes a lot of time; it can be quite expensive. Therefore, potential participants, plaintiffs, and defendants in court need to have some knowledge about the trial process. A profound attorney should advise clients on how best to avoid litigation and related costs.

The main alternative to litigation is Alternative Dispute Resolution. Many legal disputes can be resolved through direct negotiations, based on the advice of a lawyer, but without a formal filing of a lawsuit. In fact, only a small percentage of legal cases go through litigation.

Through mediation, a neutral intermediary (lawyer) helps the parties reach an agreement.

However, such an agreement is not legally binding. It is essential that the parties must come to a mutual agreement. In many cases, this can be done without going to court with the help of qualified lawyers.

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