Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Children, under the age of 21, can obtain a green card, through a special program called Special Immigrant Juvenile Classification. To qualify, you must be:

  1. under 21 at the time you file your Application (Form I-360)
  2. single
  3. declared to be a dependent of a U.S. State entity or an individual appointed by the Court
  4. Unable to be reunified with one or both parents because you were abused, or abandoned, or neglected or for any other reason as ruled by the state court
  5.  Unable to return to your country because it is not in your interest.

There are three steps to obtaining a green card under SIJ. First, a court of any state in the United States must declare you a dependent of a state entity or an individual appointed by a court. Second, you must submit to USCIS a petition for SIJ classification (Form I-360). Third, you must submit to USCIS your green card application (form I-485).

SIJ Process can be complicated and worrisome. If you qualify, you need to find an immigration lawyer with experience who has full knowledge of the SIJ process.

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