The Trump administration will impose visa restrictions on pregnant women.

The United States introduced new rules aimed at limiting “birth tourism.” It is known that some women want to travel to the United States for birthing. Frequently, the main reason is obtaining U.S. citizenship for a child. So, in 2012, 36,000 cases were recorded when women who gave birth to the United States left the country. Representatives of one “birth tourism” agency said they received up to 60 applications a month from women from different countries who want to birth in the United States. The cost of a package of services can reach up to $ 80,000. “Birth tourism” is especially popular among Russians and Chinese.

It is stated that consular staff will not ask all visa applicants if they are pregnant or intend to become pregnant. Questions on this topic will be asked only if there is reason to believe that the applicant is pregnant and is likely planning to give birth in the United States. The question remains unclear whether the validity period for which a visa is issued will change. Obviously, with a visa valid for more than one year, any “control of pregnant tourists” is not possible.

The rule will not apply to tourists from 39 countries who are registered in the program that grants citizens of these countries the right to a visa-free entry to the United States.

The rule will only apply to applicants for Class B visas who permit short stays on business or leisure.

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