Obtaining a Work Permit

Asylum applicants in the United States must meet many requirements before applying for the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or Work Permit in the United States. First, the person must submit the Form I-765 after the USCIS receives his/her asylum application.

Pay attention, the most important question is how many days must pass after an asylum application is filed before the applicant can seek a work permit.

An Applicant for asylum can apply for a Work Permit after 150 days have passed (on the USCIS time clock) from the time the USCIS office received Form I-589.

However, the USCIS will issue the Work Permit after 180 days after you applied for asylum.

Beware that there is an exception to this rule. If USCIS grants recommended approval to the immigrant to start working earlier, Work Permit can be issued at an earlier date. In this case, the Applicant can apply for a Work Permit (EAD) immediately after receiving the recommended permit, even if she does not have 150 days on the clock at the moment.

Also, be cautioned that there are circumstances when the USCIS will stop the asylum clock. Here are some examples of when USCIS will stop the cl the applicant’s days on the USCIS counter will no longer be credited if:

1. The applicant sent a request to change the date of the interview. The clock should restart on the day of the postponed interview.

2. The applicant missed a fingerprint meeting.

3. The applicant refuses to consider the asylum case in USCIS.

4. The applicant did not appear for an asylum interview. However, if there are some valid reasons, the watch must be restarted on the day of the next asylum interview.

5. The applicant refuses to consider the asylum case in USCIS.

6. The applicant has received a final denial of asylum but has a different legal immigration status in the United States.

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