Impact of White House Immigration Policies on Students

Since the Trump administration began revising immigration laws, many Universities noticed dangerous tend. For example, Montclair State University has noted that international students had problems getting visas very often. Students themselves say about severe visas’ situation.

Importantly, that difficulties with issuing visas have increased significantly, delays in registration of cases or refusals have become more frequent. Equally important, the University receives more requests for additional evidence than in previous years.

There are problems with applying for H1B work visas for teachers. For example, documents for registration of the teacher were sent in early March, but he has not yet received permission.

In March, 30 university leaders in the state of New Jersey wrote a letter to state legislators to express concern about the invitation to study and work of international students and teachers.

The processing of documents for obtaining visas has needed on 46% more than the previous two financial years, the letter says.

Students report difficulties with obtaining initial visas, from delays to refusals, wrote Harvard University President Lawrence S. Beck in a letter to the government. He noted that teachers also have difficulty applying, which leads to disruption of study plans. 

Obviously, the conventional immigration processes such as family visas, renewal status, or permission to foreign travel demand significantly more time than before.

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